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What Are the Different Styles of Tile Roofs?

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A tile roofing system is one of the most versatile and beautiful options for your roofing. When they are installed correctly this type of roofing can last for up to 100 years or longer. A tile roof is designed to last for a lifetime, and they are a non-combustible solution that’s environmentally friendly. Choosing the right type of tile roofs can come with a series of advantages and color options. Here are some of the top things to consider when choosing a tile roof!

Make Sure Your Roofing Structure Can Support Them

Any type of tile roof will often require an enhanced roofing structure. Making sure that the current frame for your home can hold up a tile roof is important. Have a roofing contractor inspect your roofing frame and structure to make sure that it can support the heavy tile roofing material.

Clay Tile

A clay tile can offer extra moldability and color options as well as improved color retention. Traditional clay tile roofs were often available in just orange or red but today’s tile roof can come in almost any color and in a variety of different shapes and sizes. You can get a style that resembles a Spanish villa or something more modern for your choice.

Style of tile roofings


Slate tile is a traditional and natural solution that is manufactured from rock. Slate tile is a bit more expensive, but it also comes with some of the greatest reliability from a wide range of tiles on the market.


Concrete tiles can be much more affordable than clay roofs and they have a lifespan as comparable as well. A concrete roof tile has an interlocking installation and this can make sure that the process for installing this type of tile is less expensive and much faster. The design of concrete tiles often is associated with industrial or ultramodern style buildings.

Consider some of these top designs if you are interested in enjoying the best in tile roofing for your home.

This post was written by Reggie Reed! Reggie is a state-certified roofing contractor and co-owner of Reggie Reed Roofing, the best Clearwater roofing company. He is a 4th generation roofing contractor. RR Roofing offers a wide variety of roofing services for residential homes, apartment complexes, condos, commercial buildings, churches, and more. Reggie enjoys dedicating his spare time to helping underprivileged youth in his community and traveling with his family and friends.