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The Most Popular Styles of Homes

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There are many different types of homes inspired by different designs, informed by both the architect and market tastes. The style of a home refers to its architectural design, decorations, and fixtures. Some home designs have remained relevant long after their inception, while others have faded into obscurity almost as soon as they were introduced.

The style of a home plays a huge influence not just on its pricing, maintenance, and property value, but also on the interior finishing as well as the environment or the location of the neighborhood.

Below is a list of some of the most popular styles of homes you will find in the market today, find homes for sale.

Spanish Style Homes

Also known as the “Spanish Revival”, these homes were inspired by American settlers who had traveled through the Atlantic.

Known for their classical beauty and elegant finishing, Spanish style homes have a certain grace and flair that makes them very conspicuous regardless of location. These homes are common in both upper and middle-class suburban areas.

You can identify Spanish style homes from their distinctive low-tiled roofs, half-arched windows, warm earth tones, and stucco sidings. Because of the design and materials used in their construction, these homes are typically found in tropical climates and sunny states such as California and Florida.

Colonial Style Home

You’ll find that homes that are older than a century tend to have a colonial-style set-up, with subtle influences from various European countries like France, England, and the Netherlands.

Colonial style homes have a simple, clean-cut design. Symmetrical, rectangular type of architecture was a hallmark of architecture in the 1600s, which is how these homes got their name.

Colonial style homes are usually storied and have a majestic appearance. They are common in more isolated residential areas like the countryside or gated communities.

Victorian Style Home

Similar to colonial-style homes in appearance and design, Victorian-style homes were named after Queen Victoria and were introduced in the 1800s, though they remained popular well into the 1900s.

Characterized by ornate gothic fixtures and steep roofs, they had a smaller, cozier feel to them than the more formal predecessor colonial home. They also had small towers and more colorful facades.

Contemporary Style Home

Not to be confused with modern style homes, contemporary style homes usually look like something out of a science fiction film. They have square edges with large glass doors and windows. Their futuristic, minimalistic appearance stands out from other styles right away.

These homes are usually made with eco-friendly materials, and many have “smart” features such as remote-controlled appliances and state of the art security features.

Craftsman Style Home

These homes are very similar to regular one-story detached homes. But what sets them apart is the extensive woodwork of the interior, hence the name craftsman. Their roofs are typically set lower than other homes, with decorated wooden beams and porches. Their design makes renovation an easy process.

Find a Style That Fits You Best

Different styles of homes will attract different people. Perhaps you would prefer the elegance of Spanish homes or the formal appeal of Victorian-style houses is more suited to your tastes.

Either way, in-depth research will show you that the market seems to have something for everyone. The list above should help you get started in the right direction.