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Reasons to Invest in Real Estate During Lockdown

Real Estate

We are living in historical times, without a question. Obviously, the kind of pandemic we have been experiencing since the past few months is not a regular affair. With COVID-19 came nationwide lockdown and our lives turned upside down all of a sudden. While economies are crumbling, people are confined to their homes, all thanks to the lockdown. The media is filled with depressing news leading to widespread panic.

It is not impossible to imagine the repercussions of this unprecedented pandemic on every major aspect of our lives but if we tend to look at the brighter side, we may definitely gain something. While a major chunk of people is busy cursing the situation, some are looking forward to numerous opportunities the lockdown can offer.

If nothing else, this pandemic has taught us a great lesson – Life is uncertain, and we can’t keep on delaying things for tomorrow.

Many people learned this lesson and they exercised their best minds to make the best of this opportunity. One of the primary things that people opted for during the lockdown is an investment.

No, we are not talking about mutual funds or shares, but, real estate investment.

Why choose real estate as an investment option during these difficult times?

As per the National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries (NCREIF), commercial real estate has been able to return 9.85% (average estimation) during the course of five years as of July 2018, which, in itself, is a remarkable achievement.

Moreover, since real estate is a tangible asset that offers higher returns on investment, it can be considered as a reliable source of income as well.

With real estate investment, you can very well expect higher rental yields. The same, however, can’t be expected from conventional sources of investment.

If we talk about the inflation hedging capability of the real estate investment, we will find an affirmative balance between the growth of the GDP and the demand. In other words, growing demand means higher capital values.

As per the aforementioned facts, it is very likely that the real estate investment opens up new doors of financial opportunities for you even in the lockdown period. Whether you buy a residential flat in Thane or a commercial property, you are up for greater good with real estate investment.

We understand that most people are afraid of making bold investment decisions but with real estate, you can rest assured. If you have been paying attention to the recent economic trends, you will understand how investing in real estate in these times may prove to be one of the most advantageous moves for your financial stability in the longer run, no matter the uncertainty of the situation that may arrive in the future.

Moreover, with deficit demand and low rates of the property, you can really buy an attractive deal without burning a hole in your pocket. Also, the decrease in the REPO rate by RBI is further adding to your benefit. Now, you can take home loans with lesser interest rates and buy your own apartment at Goregaon in Mumbai, wherever you please.