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Real estate about Muay Thai camp for boxing in Thailand and information

Real Estate

Understanding the local situation 

there is no problem when it comes to local residents who desire to purchase property in Thailand but when it comes to foreign investors, things are not so simple. Legislation in Thailand does not allow foreigners to purchase land in Thailand. The only things which a foreigner can purchase is apartments and condominiums. Even then the residents in that condominium should be primarily local people and no more than 40% of foreigners will be allowed in such a property. Nevertheless, the real estate laws in Thailand will allow a foreign to purchase an entire building but this will exclude the land on which the property has been constructed. Nevertheless, this still provide foreigners with a viable opportunity to start a business such as a Thai boxing gym or any other business in which they may be interested. Real estate will always be a very wise long-term investment since real estate tend to increase in value over time.

Considering additional options 

it is possible for foreign investors to set up a private limited company as long as the ownership of that company is a mixture of foreign and Thai ownership. This will only be allowed if the foreign ownership is 49% or less. According to currently applicable legislation companies are in fact allowed to own land. Therefore, if Thai boxing is your passion and you desire to start a Muay Thai related business then this is certainly one of the best routes for a foreigner to take. There are also many property management agencies who can arrange long-term leases for those who prefer to rent property. This will help to avoid many of the problems associated with ownership of property in Thailand. Just ensure that everything is properly tied up in a legal document so that there are no unnecessary disputes afterwards. Over 38 million foreigners visited Thailand in 2018. Many of those visits was related to Muay Thai training camps.


Statistics reveal a clear picture 

increasing numbers of people visit the island every year and one of the most popular areas in the country is Phuket which is especially attractive as far as property investments is concerned. The majority of people who desire a permanent residence in a tropical environment mostly comes to Phuket. This includes a wide range of people such as retirees, young families and also entrepreneurs. Many of this people relocate for one reason only and that is to be closer to the traditional Muay Thai training camps for which Thailand has become so popular. A popular Muay Thai camp in Thailand is Muaythai-thailand and it is at Phuket island. This is because of the well-known benefits of Muay Thai which includes weight loss and very high levels of physical fitness. The vast majority of people coming here are extremely satisfied and they seldomly regret those decisions which they have made. There are certainly many opportunities for people who would like to invest in property and who wants to become part of the highly popular Muay Thai boxing culture in beautiful Thailand. The best course of action will be to visit the country and to personally investigate the opportunities which is available.