Jamie Oliver’s business empire is expected to shed £ 20m for the year

The business empire Jamie Olivers had a decisive year under Pukka, confirmed new accounts: he lost 20 million pounds in 2017.

The group – which closed its restaurants on February 12 and cut 600 jobs – slipped into the red after winning £ 700,000 in 2016, as the numbers show.

Former chef Naked Chef, who had to close one of his two flagship restaurants in Barbecoa, London, and was accused of cultural appropriation of a new Jerk rice product, has made twelve month.

Her company, which includes its publishing and media companies, said it had struggled with “continuing challenges in the casual dining sector,” including rising rental and labor costs. .

In a previous interview, Mr. Oliver – who had previously waged a turkey turkey war – also suggested that problems were caused by the fact that the guests had taken too many towels or the staff was used to eating.

“If it’s not the customers who steal items from the toilets and napkins, it’s staff, ingredients and bottles of wine,” he said.

But things could be worse for the 43-year-old, who managed to pay himself a £ 6 million dividend, according to the accounts tabled at Companies House this week.

The problems experienced at the company’s restaurants were offset by the rise in the celebrity chef’s media sales, including cookbooks and TV shows, where sales reached £ 32 million and profits under The profits rose by 45% to 8 million pounds sterling.

The strong performance of the media was fueled by the success of Oliver 5 Ingredients’ book, Quick & Easy, which sold a million copies in the UK alone. The accompanying television series, Jamie’s Quick and Easy Food, has been sold in 121 countries around the world.

Paul Hunt, Chief Executive Officer of Jamie Oliver Group and Chief of the In-Law, said, “The success of our media business, fueled by the outstanding performance of 5 Ingredients, Quick & Easy Food, has been fundamental to our ability to serve and maintain the restaurant sector,

“With a redesigned restaurant park, a new management team and a targeted investment plan supported by HSBC, we are making steady progress in a challenging market.”

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