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Is hiring professional designers and architects really worth your money?

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Sometimes in life, we think about hiring interior designers for our home. But as soon as we start extending this thought, waves of doubt start to surge – “Will hiring designers be worth it?” “Am I doing something wrong by hiring architects?” We spoke to Radvi about it – Radvi’s has a professional team of designers and architects. It said that it is worth it and it is worth it not too. It depends on how you handle the situation.

Trained professional designers and architects do what an artist does to a painting, an engineer does to a car, and a tailor does to your dress.

A take on importance of professional designers and architects!


What most people is that hiring an interior designer and architect is a waste of money. It is the hobby of rich people. People get too money-centric when talking about interior design. What they do not understand is that it actually saves a person money. Hiring an interior designer is not a hobby that rich people have, it is an investment that people make to get a high ROI in life. Forbes too concluded this in one of its articles that hiring a professional team of designers and architects actually help you save money on renovations. It also increases the value of your property in the long term. But not always! Radvi told that it does not happen always. There are conditions to it. There are steps to follow. And there are Things to compromise a bit upon. But before we delve into this, let us look at how hiring interior designers and architects help you and your property.

Here is why interior designers and architects are important for a property.

1 – You get furnishing and other items at trade price!

When you buy things for your home by yourself, you get to pay the price quoted by the shop. We all know how many items it takes and how much the cost to fill a home with life. You need to buy furniture, lights, flooring material, paint, upholstery, paintings, chandeliers, decor items, mirrors, appliances, cameras, and whatnot! It costs a huge amount of money when we buy from a shop.

Real Estate companies usually provide their clients with these items at trade prices. Trade price is the price at which the manufacturer sells the item to the shop for further trade.

This is the biggest cost saving that professional interior designers and architects do to their clientele. While you might think that they are costing you, they are actually saving you.

2 – You get guided around the budget!

As we have told you, interior designers are not for riches but for those who need them. If you have a low budget, they’ll guide you around things, said Radvi. These are the experts that know bits and bigs of how things work in interior and architecture. They hold the expertise around possible alternatives at hand for those tight on budget.

For example, if you are designing the bedroom, they’ll guide you to spend more money on the bed (which is the mass in the interior) and less money on ottoman or side tables. Why? Because it is the primary object and it will face the most wear and tear. Interior Designers know the value of each element in the home and its psychological impact on a person. They will tell you how much amount to spend on which item.

3 – They will save you in renovation cost!

Property is not something that you buy once and leave forever. It needs constant maintenance and repairs, said Radvi. When you get your home constructed by an amateur or unskilled architect and builder, you face issues in the long term. It does not only cost you more repairs in its total lifetime but also emotional stress.

Expert architects and builders work professionally and handle things with care and precision. They will look at your budget and suggest to you the best possible option at hand. This leads to less repairs and less renovation cost.

4 – They save you from costly errors!

Imagine you want a painting in your home. You buy the colours, you buy the easel, the canvas, and the brushes. But you do not have any knowledge on how colours and other elements in painting work. So, when you start to paint, you see that you have actually painted an area that should have been painted at a later stage. Your painting is now spoiled. You buy new colours and new canvas. Was not it a waste of money? If had you had a professional painter by your side, he’d have guided you well and prevented your mistake before it happened. Professional designers and architects do this same, Radvi added. Radvi’s has a professional team of designers and architects.

Expert Interior Designers and Architects prevent you from making expensive mistakes and thus save you lots of money. It helps you maintain your budget under a guru. For example, you might buy bad quality furniture that does not fit according to the climatic conditions. Or you might get a door installed at the wrong area, leading to hindrances in proper flow within the house. You will not take care of anthropometrics and proxemics.

5 – The price of your property increases!

When you get your house made through an expert architect and designed through an expert interior designer, the price of your property shoots up. We, humans, have a tendency to value beautiful things at a much higher price. There are people who earn their livelihood through this. They buy a property, get it designed well, and then resell it at a higher price. It just works this way. Radvi’s has a professional team of designers and architects that has been helping people save money for over 3 decades across India.

If you have an old home that you want to resell, get it renovated and designed again. It will initially cost you but help you earn much more later on.

6 – They shape your home like sheer grace!

We build our homes to live peacefully in life. It provides us calm and security from all the troubles and hustles in life. When we get a bad day at the office, it is our home that caresses us with its healing touch and makes us feel easy. But where a beautifully designed home can serve you divinity, a badly designed one can curse you further. Imagine coming home frustrated after a bad day. You enter the home, but the door is jammed. You shake it open with anger. And just as you enter, a curb traps your foot and you fall. How terrible.

Interior Designers take care of hundreds of things from space, to ergonomics, anthropometrics, functionality, design, proxemics, airflow, etc, said Radvi. They shape your home with such grace that when you live in it, a peaceful smile comes on your face.

These are a few of those many benefits that professional interior designers and architects provide you with. Think like a smart investor when you decide about larger things.

Is hiring professional designers and architects worth it?

As we have said before, hiring professionals help you save money, time, comfort, and peace. The many benefits that we have written above come with professionalism. But, if you hire a novice or a scammer, be ready to face challenges. It is how things work. Home is something that requires an extensive amount of planning and execution. When hiring, always hire a professional with a quality past record. Radvi’s has a professional team of designers and architects. Check them out to understand how things work at the ground level. Consult their professional experts to get guided by Radvi if you have any plans for your home.