How to Sell Your Home with Photography

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When homeowners look to sell their property, they are more interested in the asking price and how quickly they can sell than they are in how to market their home. In many cases, the sellers leave it all to their real estate agents to handle.

But photography plays a crucial role in selling your home, particularly in slow markets. Play an active role in the photography of your property that potential buyers will see. Consider experts with experience in real estate photography Denver-based and how the photographs highlight your home’s strongest features.

Why photographs matter when selling your home

Most people start their search for a new home online. They see hundreds, maybe thousands of listings. But it is the photos that grab their attention. While a photo won’t sell a house, it will attract the buyer who may purchase it. That is why it is important to pay attention to how the photos of your home portray it to potential buyers.

The first photo most buyers will see is your home’s exterior. You can make sure that photo stands out by eliminating things like sidewalks and streets from it. Let the front of the home be the star of the photo. Make sure there are no vehicles in the photo and no sale signs in the yard.

Take the exterior photos after you have cleaned up the yard and landscaping. Use natural light as much as possible, and plan the photo of the exterior based on the time of day that your home is seen in the best natural light. If you are selling a townhome or condo in a community, get photographs of the amenities such as the pool, clubhouse and tennis courts to include in your listing.

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Making your home look cozy

The interior photos of your home receive lots of attention. They are giving potential buyers an idea of what it is like to live there. That is why it is important to remove as much of your personal items as possible so they do not appear in photos. Walls cluttered with family pictures, pet toys left all over the floor and dirty dishes in the sink are all turnoffs to people trying to imagine what their life would be in your home.

Your interior photos should also use as much natural light as possible. Open the curtains and the blinds and turn on the overhead lights throughout the home. Photograph unique details, such as wood floors, big fireplace mantles, or expansive sliding door panels. 

Showing off your home with a virtual tour

Prospective buyers are becoming more accustomed to virtual tours of properties. Make sure your photographer can provide either a 360-degree virtual tour or a video tour. These virtual tours are the next best thing to actually visiting the home and they are wildly popular among buyers.

Depending on the tour created, you can have music or other sound added to enhance it.