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How Much Costly Living in Boston is?

Apartment & Condo

Boston has the luxury of world-class colleges and hospitals, and professional sports teams. It has excellent restaurants, stores, and cultural centers. People enjoy living in Boston because it’s one of the best cities. In many areas, the city is setting up shop to attract talent from the region.

The first thing that comes in mind while planning to live here is the expense. Renting Boston apartments in the metro area is very expensive. The city has one of the highest home prices on the East Coast.

Cost of Utilities

Average wherever you choose to live, you’ll have to pay for the utilities. It includes electricity, heating, garbage, and water. According to a survey, a basic package for services in the city costs very high.



The city has plenty of food to sell which is much more expensive than the average in the US. If you decide to eat out, at a cheap restaurant, expect to pay around $10 for a meal. Ensure you try the famous ones for sure.


A monthly pass allows unlimited access to underground and local bus lines. If you can’t count on free throws, you’ll have to drive. In Boston, the average cost of a gallon of gas is almost the same as the national average. Parking is per hour based on metered parking. Parking can be costly, but on Sundays and Government holidays it’s always free.


Boston is a city of heavy taxation. The sales tax applies to all items except non-restaurant food and clothing. They also have their property tax applied on all land.  The local meal tax may be used for residents. Most residents are not liable for all charges.

Real estate

The residential real estate has slipped into a neutral market. Inventory is staying on the market for longer than just a couple of weeks. That is why we see some of the highest prices in terms of sales in this area.

Some facts about living in Boston

  • The quality of life is very high in this city.
  • There is plenty of entertainment options available.
  • The educational and medical industries in the city draw a horde of professionals.
  • Nearly half of Boston’s parcels are for public and institutional use.
  • The state carries the residential designation.
  • It has a mark of excellent qualities from lifestyle to the city’s real estate.
  • It is a tiny city, geographically.

Tips for living in Boston

  • When you move to the city, a financial advisor will be beneficial. Use online services that will simplify your search for a consultant in your area.
  • Depositing your money to a nearby bank is one of the best ideas once you’re moving to a new city.
  • Know your rights as a tenant in Boston, after contracting for the building.
  • Find out whether you can afford to stay in the city.
  • Living prices, electricity, and health insurance are the main considerably costly variables in the city.