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Five Ways Social Media Marketing Can Help Grow Rental Property

Real Estate Investing

There’s no denying that the digital world, including social media, has become a key part of day to day life especially for young people and professionals. This is why it’s important to utilise social media marketing in the digital marketing strategy of any rental property, as it’s a fantastic way to get the property seen and to garner genuine interest. If you are looking to attract potential tenants and reduce turnover rates, you need to boost your presence online. As a rental property owner, there are many ways that social media marketing can help you. For example:

1.      Post Photos of Your Property

A lot of people don’t have time to visit a number of properties, especially if they are working long hours. Rather than wasting time viewing a property they may not like the look of, potential tenants can look at photographs online and decide for themselves whether they want to check it out. Posting high quality, accurate images of the property is a good way to garner attention from people who are genuinely interested. Not only do photos show tenants what they could be renting and market a property, but they also free up your time. As a landlord, you don’t want to waste time showing people a property who have no interest in renting it. With photos available beforehand, a lot of unsuitable applicants are weeded out. No one is going to schedule a viewing of a property they don’t like the look of.

Posting photos on social media also helps to spread the word about a property, as people can share them with friends and family. If someone sees a property, they think a friend may be interesed in, they can share it with them quickly. This increases the number of people who see the property.

2.      Post Live Video of Your Property

If you want to get your property shared online, post live video of the property on social media. Videos are one of the top things to share on social media, especially on mobile devices, which is key if you want as many people to see the property as possible. A live video gives potential renters an insight into what it would be like to live in the property. Not only do you attract potential renters by showing them what’s on offer at the property, but you also reduce the chances of people who are not interested scheduling a viewing.

3.      Have a Chatbot to Help Potential Tenants

People who are considering renting your property are going to have questions, but you won’t always be there to answer them. If this is the case, a chatbot can help in a big way. A chatbot uses artificial intelligence to provide renters with accurate answers to their questions. You can program answers to FAQs ahead of time, there are minimal wait times as multiple questions can be answered at once and chatbots operate 24/7. These are all things that are hand to do when you’re a landlord working alone.

4.      Social Engagement Boosts Credibility

With so many people now using social media, it’s important to showcase yourself as someone who is getting involved. Potential tenants will see how you interact with others online and this can sway them into seeing that you are a helpful landlord or someone to be avoided. The way you interact with potential and current tenants will show others what they can expect from you as a landlord. Replying to reviews, answering questions and responding well to any negativity are all things that boost your reputation. If this isn’t something that you have time or the experience to do, you can hire a property manager to help. They are there to deal with all reviews and interactions, good and bad.

5.      Social Media Brings in New Leads

As someone with a rental property, you are running a business and leads are hugely important. Social media marketing is a fantastic way to bring in new leads, all with very little cost to you. It’s the ideal place to advertise properties, communicate with tenants and offer deals on new rentals.