5 Reasons to Use Quick House Sale Companies

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If the thought of selling your home makes you overwhelmed – and tired! – you are not alone. There is a great deal to be done from decluttering, repairs and renovations to staging, marketing and removals. And all that waiting… it seems as if it will never end. These steps can take months, pushing off completion for longer than you care or can afford. If quick house sale companies specialise in anything, it is offering you convenience, giving you your time back and putting cash in your bank account fast.

Top 5 Benefits of Quick House Sale Companies

Why consider a company that focuses on quick house sales? With their help, you can:

1. Sell Your House As-Is

When putting their houses on the market, owners can spend thousands trying to make repairs, complete renovations and improvements and boost curb appeal. Will they get a return on this investment in the form of asking price offers? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, they have gone to great expense to get their property ready to sell.

With quick house sale companies, you can certainly make improvements – but you can also save yourself the time, money and hassle by selling as-is. Investors understand that this may mean there are some issues with the house, but they are willing to take them on and offer you a fair and reasonable price. If you need to sell on an accelerated timeline for whatever reason, this can be a tremendous benefit.

Quick House Sale

2. Avoid the Expense of a Typical House Sale

A fact that people do not consider much is that selling a house is expensive! We think of making a profit (ideally) but many do not realise that it often takes significant investments in order to complete a deal. In addition to the repairs and renovations we mentioned, owners must also pay for estate agent and solicitors fees, title searches, valuations, RICS reports and more.

When you work with a company that focuses on fast house sales, you can avoid these and focus solely on planning and preparing for your next move. Be aware that these companies typically offer 75-80% of the total market value; yes, it is lower than you may see with a slow sale, but factor in the other fees and expenses you will have to shoulder. The math may add up to a great opportunity when you sell quickly.

3. Access Cash Quickly

What do you plan to do next? Buy another house? Move out of the area? Downsize? Rent? Pay off debt? Establish a nest egg? Retire and travel? Whatever your goals, you need to fund them. By opting for a fast sale, you can have cash deposited in your bank account (safely and securely) within weeks – compared to the months of waiting you would expect in a more traditional house sale process.

4. Complete the Process Fast

When speed is of the essence, a typical sale can move at the pace of a tortoise – a lethargic one at that. The typical time from listing to competition is four to six months, but in a cool market or if your home has issues that make it less desirable to average homebuyers, this can be even longer. Each day that your house is on the market… each week, each month… costs you more and more. When you are seeking to improve both your living situation and your financial situation, this may not be tenable or viable.

Plus, they deal with all the coordination, logistics and paperwork. More aggravation off your shoulders!

5. Avoid Repossession

During the repossession process a lender moves to take back into their possession a home when the owner has defaulted on their mortgage. There are many reasons this can happen. Perhaps you experienced a job loss, had to incur unexpected expenses, were ill or had to care for an ill family member or your circumstances otherwise changed so you can no longer afford your home.

This is a very difficult, emotional, situation to find oneself in. Repossession also leaves a black mark on your credit record, which can impact you from getting new lines of credit, loans and mortgages going forward. When you choose to work with a quick sale company, you can avoid this painful scenario.

Move On

Quick house sale companies allow you to move on – literally and figuratively – in an accelerated manner. When you cannot or do not wish to wait to take the next steps in your life, this may be the solution for which you have been searching.