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3 Ways to Plan Your Summer Vacation This Year

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After a year of staying in, the urge to return to the road can be almost overwhelming. Fortunately, with vaccinations available across the country, your days of waiting at home are soon to be over. While international travel may not be open right away, the US is home to incredible vacation spots just waiting to be discovered this summer.   

The Beach  

If you find yourself missing the feel of sand between your toes as the sounds of waves surround you, you are not alone. This summer, book yourself into bald head island house rentals to get back on the beach. The US is home to close to 100,000 miles of coastlines to help you find a spot to help you relax and soak up the sun. Just don’t forget to pack your sunblock. 

The Mountains  

Some people need to seek new heights to help them get out of the house and back on the road. There are plenty of beautiful mountain towns across the country that can help you breathe life back into your travel plans. As you plan your high elevation vacation, think about what you want to see, whether it’s waterfalls or soaring views overlooking the countryside. From tropical to arctic, the US offers something for everyone. 

The City 

If you are looking for history, culture or simply a delicious meal, cities across the US offer unique experiences and tasty dishes to satiate any palate. As you start planning your trip, what better way to begin than by checking out one of the best cities in America? No matter what you are looking for, there is a city, or cities, that offer it. You may just find yourself booking more than one trip this summer. 

Whether traveling for a week or a weekend, get your summer plans started today.  The question to ask yourself now: is where to first?