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3 Ways Property Managers Can Communicate Their Commitment to Sustainability

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The pressure to operate your business using sustainable practices has existed for quite some time. General concern about the environment has been growing since the 1950s, now at its peak, businesses are making changes that reduce their impact on their environment. The decision to be more sustainable has many push factors but one main reason companies choose to “go green” is because it resonates with their customers and attracts new prospects. Once your company starts implementing their new strategy, you must then ensure your customers know about the changes, for it to affect your customers.

Here are 3 ways to show your customers how you’re taking care of the environment


Develop a marketing strategy that aligns with your sustainability strategy to put the word out there and let everyone know what your new goals are related to the environment. Use press releases, emails, and social media. A simple announcement directed at your target audience can increase awareness of your increased commitment to a cause that resonates with your customers and can also generate word of mouth marketing. Neilson reports that the average American engages with media for approximately 10.5 hours every day. By directing marketing efforts on channels that get the most attention you increase your word of mouth marketing which according to Neilson, customers trust 92% more than any other form of advertisement.


On top of your other marketing efforts you should be rebranding your company as “environmentally friendly.” Branding is important for cultivating your reputation. Your brand represents how people identify your company and how they connect to your company on a daily basis. Integrating your environmental efforts into your brand identity can help convey your dedication. When you’re rebranding, you can consider redesigning your logo to include earth colors like green and blue or you can mix in environmental symbols like birds and trees into your logo or other company images. Once you’ve made those changes it’s important to mimic those elements in everything you publish or send out afterwards. Remember, it takes consistency and repetition for this to be effective, on average it takes someone 5-7 encounters with your brand before they remember it.


Use technology in your business interactions with customers. By leveraging online property management software, you can connect to your customers in an environmentally friendly way by sharing documents, emailing, and direct messaging. This, without any extra effort, communicates your commitment to sustainability while simultaneously contributing to the same goal. You can replace traditional paper documents like business cards with digital alternatives like LinkedIn and print anything that you need a hard copy of on recycled paper. To further accentuate your digitization, a note can be included after your email signature that explains your commitment to a “green” business model which also urges recipients not to print that email. This goes directly to your customers and business partners which will emphasize that your company is serious about the environment.

Creating a sustainability strategy is great practice on its own, but it can do so much more for your business when it becomes an inherent part of your brand. Your company’s identity will resonate better with customers, which will increase your customer retention and the attractiveness of your company to prospects.